Thursday, February 11, 2016

Bye Bye Couch

It's been almost seven long years. The king size sofa bed in our studio apartment days were numbered. Once we decided to get the wall bed installed last summer, there was no more need for this behemoth. It served us well, but expecting guests to pull out the huge frame to sleep at night was asking too much. The fabric was becoming worn on the arms and the cushions and I did my best to patch and save. But the time has come to get rid of it. So yesterday our handyman disassembled it to get it out the door. We gave him the mattress cover and sheets to go along with it. I will miss the comfort of the old couch, as that is where I sit to do all my digital art. The room looked huge once it was gone and we put our two chairs together as a temporary fix until the new Ethan Allen couch arrives today. I hope it is as comfortable. I know it will fit a lot better in the space! My husband hated that couch. For the first time I'm feeling sentimental. 

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