Thursday, February 25, 2016

Spring on the National Mall

Even though it is only 45 degrees with blustery winds, the national mall is getting prepped for spring. Everywhere we looked today there was tree pruning and branch clean up going on. The workmen were in the trees, on the sidewalks, and everywhere there were unsightly branches. Sidewalks were cordoned off so as not to interfere with the progress. At the Smithsonian gardens, signs of the anticipated season were showing... the magnolia buds were starting to burst with greenery. At the US Botanical Garden, the gardeners were sprucing up the flower beds and the mulch was being delivered in hoses attached to very large trucks. This activity reminded us that our little patio garden needs a lot of attention this year, especially since the blizzard wrecked most of what was standing upright. I used to have a lot of energy for planting but find myself more in the mood to have someone else do it. Regardless, it's so nice to have another spot to relax and smell the roses, even if it takes a bit more energy to keep it going. 

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