Saturday, February 13, 2016

Roses from Wisconsin

We were waiting for our new couch to be delivered when the phone rang. They said they would be there within one minute. I didn't see any truck rolling down the street, but a cab turned in to the driveway. We ignored it because we didn't order a cab, and we were not expecting any deliveries. Then we say a guy standing in front of the building waiting for the door to get opened. The phone rang again, and we answered it. He had a package in his hand. My husband went out to answer the door and he returned with a floral arrangement that was addressed to me. I was surprised to say the least. But when I read who it was from I wasn't surprised at all. Four of our dearest friends from Milwaukee sent a retirement red victory rose plant in a cheerful container with a red bow. It is so touching to be remembered by friends from afar. I've known them for over thirty years as colleagues and then as friends. We always see them whenever we visit Wisconsin and stay in touch regularly. That is one of the most difficult things about moving away from a place you lived for so many years. It is not easily replaced. Thanks so much Marlene, Carol, Jean and Janet. 

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