Monday, February 1, 2016

Too Little, Too Late

Our car is still iced and snowed in from the grim blizzard last week. But the sidewalks are passable. Thank goodness they are or we would go crazy! But we know we still need a car in our lives. On our way home from our usual walk from the national mall we headed towards our house in the neighborhood. On the step of a row house was a snow shovel, delivered to the homeowner and wrapped in clear plastic with mailing stickers. I suppose the person had no way of getting out to buy one so had one delivered. Since most of the snow has or will melt by this week, it just looked funny sitting there after the worst has transpired. But who knows? Maybe he or she has other plans for it? It just reminds me how unprepared people are in this town - in more ways than one. 

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