Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Next Day Blinds Decision

When we moved to DC from the Midwest, we left everything behind. Nothing we had would fit in to a tiny 500 square foot space. Since then, we have an additional tiny space to live in, across the hall from our original one bedroom apartment, making a total of almost 1,000 square feet. It sounds odd, but actually works out well - especially when we have visitors. Each has their own place. We used to have a huge king size sofa bed in it and have spent the last six years trying to reconfigure the area to accommodate a wall bed. We had a wonderful designer in Milwaukee who helped us redecorate, renovate, and completely redo our entire house there. We are pretty much left to our own devices here - and I miss him a lot! So now the wall bed is installed, and we now have a bedroom, dining room, living, and exercise room all in one space. One of the last things we need to do is get some black out shades for six large windows because the honeycombs don't function well at night - the light comes right in. Plus they will add another layer of insulation from the winter drafts in this very old buikding. A few months back we checked out available options at Next Day Blinds in Alexandria, and decided to take a ride over yesterday to see the samples and make a decision. Of course, a decision can't be made until I actually get the samples in the house and compare the colors. We are expecting friends from the Midwest in April so I am hoping we can get this done sooner than later. We are finally feeling good about the space - and it's taken six years to get there. 

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