Sunday, February 28, 2016

Amazon A Tiny Fish Tale

I wrote a children's book about a tiny fish a few years ago entitled "A Tiny Fish Tale." It was made in to an app by StoryChimes and is available though iTunes. I also digitally illustrated the book using my iPad and self published this and two other books that are available on Amazon as a download or paperback. Additionally, all the illustrations are included in my Etsy shop. A few copies of the books and illustrations have sold, and I am just proud of the fact that I did it all myself with absolutely no help from anyone! One of the cutest and most touching comments came from a high school teacher who noticed the book and made inquiries about how to get one for her grandson. What reminded me of all this was that I was looking at the Amazon author site the other day that shows all my books in one spot. I noticed someone had put a five star rating for "A Tiny Fish Tale." I just want to thank whomever that was. Whenever anyone gives me positive feedback on any of my work, or displays a digital art portrait of something I made, I am so gratified to know someone thinks that much of what I love doing. The iPad did a lot for me when it was introduced to us almost six years ago. I suppose I need to thank Steve Jobs the most. 

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