Monday, February 29, 2016

Where Are the Nips?

My husband has a sweet tooth. So much so that I order large quantities of his favorite candy through Amazon every few months. It was time for a replenishment, along with the darn filters that we need for the Keurig one cup tea and coffee maker, and the Brita water carafe. So I requested the usual - Bali's Best coffee assortment, and Nips chocolate parfait. The filters and the Bali's were delivered together in short order, but there must be a serious shortage in the Nips supply. We received an email from Amazon that the product was not yet available, and they would let us know when it would be. Then we received another email asking if we would like to consider an extension on the delivery date. So we did. It's been more than a couple of weeks. So finally today, we got a "good news" email from Amazon, saying the product will finally be shipped, but won't get here until next week. I appreciate the communication, but don't understand the problem with the Nips supply. It certainly isn't a big deal, but when you have a sweet tooth, things can get ugly!  

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