Thursday, February 18, 2016

The Polish Flats on Capitol Hill

I learned about Polish flats in Milwaukee. They are apartments that are on the lower level, accommodating a variety of family situations, or rental options. While on a walk in our Capitol Hill neighborhood the other day, for whatever reason, they seemed to be more obvious than usual. What is most amazing to me is how anything fits down the stairs and through the very narrow doors. Or, when it rains and snows, where does all the water go? And the staircases above the units are hardly tall enough for a medium sized person to fit under without serious head injury. I suppose people will adjust to whatever their circumstances are, and perhaps these are generally short term living arrangements. I think I like the one with the ironing board out front. Perhaps they couldn't get it in the house? Nevertheless, each one has a unique character, as I am sure are all the people living in them. 

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