Monday, February 15, 2016

Woolrich Hat Number Two

Right before Christmas we were in American Plant buying a wreath. Of all places to find a winter hat, we did.  I've been looking for a lumberjack hat since we moved from the Midwest. I didn't think it could ever get as cold here as there. But I was really wrong! And I don't like to wear hoods because you can't turn your head. So we got a Woolrich hat that covers the head completely. My husband also left his big hat behind. He tried my new head covering once or twice and saw that it did the trick in keeping his head and neck very warm. So as to not be outdone and before the winter season ended, we searched for a hat for him. We found a great selection at Macy's - on sale - with another 25% off. We paid half price for his hat compared to what we paid for mine, and they are quite comparable. It has come in handy particularly in the last few days with temperatures in the teens and snow and ice today. So they both take a top spot on the hat rack that is already filled with scarves and summer hats. Who would have thought Washington gets so cold? Obviously we didn't. But I refuse to take a long walk without the proper gear. I wonder what my next excuse will be? 

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