Monday, February 22, 2016

Capitol Riverfront, Anacostia, and Construction

Rather than walk to the Mall, we turned south toward the Anacostia riverfront. The construction and noise is overwhelming. The sidewalks are being replaced to brick from concrete, the Virginia Avenue train renovation is handily underway, and the high rises are fast appearing just about everywhere. We started at the fountains near the river, then headed west towards Nationals Stadium. The cranes, concrete and glass are not is short supply. The hoards of workers in yellow safety vests are taking breaks at the old fashioned food trucks. When we first moved here ten years ago, none of these structures were in existence. We wouldn't want to live in the huge steel and glass buildongs, much preferring the traditional Capitol Hill neighborhood with all the issues of living in very old buildings - although it would be great to have a parking space and our own heating and air conditioning unit. It all looks much better from a distance, and taking a walk through it every once in a while is all we need. 

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