Monday, February 8, 2016

Post Office, Frager's, Bayou Bakery and Eighth Street Market

It's been five days since I officially retired, and the first real Monday not having to go to work. So in keeping with what we hope will be a daily walk, we mixed it up this time with errands rather than the usual stroll on the mall. Luckily it was sunny, but cool, so I wore my lumberjack hat to stay warm. The first stop was the post office on Pennsylvania Avenue to mail a small package. The lines were quite long, but since we had no where to go it didn't matter! Then on to Frager's for some caulk. Since we didn't have breakfast yet, we stopped in at Bayou Bakery next to the Hill Center for some beignets and coffee. Unfortunately we couldn't sit in the sunny closed in patio and ended up in a dark space. But I didn't care - everything looked so much cheerier today. Next stop was the grocery store for some bananas and tomatoes. It's highway robbery at this place, but the convenience can't be beat on eighth street. This is a great way to adjust to living on Capitol Hill without working. Everything is relatively easy to get to within a certain radius, as long as you are able to walk. I think I'm going to like this set up. How could you not? 

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