Sunday, February 14, 2016

A Tribute to Supreme Court Justice Scalia

It is nineteen degrees today. We put our woolrich lumberjack hats on, two layers of pants and long underwear, and headed out toward the Supreme Court. The wind was right in our face, but we kept walking anyway in the bright sunlight. Whenever someone of significance passes away, it has an impact. And that was the case last night when we heard about Justice Scalia. Only a handful of people were out and about this morning, but a few camera crews were setting up to catch the unfolding story. A small arrangement of flowers and candles were placed on the front steps last night. As the day and week goes on, the reaction will become more intense. So it was quite serene to be there at this time. It's interesting to live just a couple blocks away from it all. We attended Obama's historic inauguration, Ford's lying in state, Kennedy's funeral procession in front of the Capitol. So another well known dignitary is no longer with us. Makes you stop and think. I'm so glad I retired this month. You just never know. 

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