Sunday, April 3, 2016

Closed Captioning - A Great Idea

We got rid of our subwoofer and surround sound quite some time ago. In a tiny apartment in a very old building that has no insulation, it's just not a good idea. We had an elaborate sound system in our tv room in the Midwest, and really enjoyed it. Things change when you move and when you get older. One of our neighbors mentioned that she uses closed captioning so as not to disturb her neighbor, who continues to complain. That gave us the idea to try it as well - just so we could see what was being said and keeping the volume low - especially since we routinely stay up until after midnight. Luckily, we just updated our Comcast equipment and could finally figure out even how to turn the closed captioning on and off. The universal remote was too confusing to figure it out. The idea does work well to keep the volume low, but we unexpectedly found that it really helps to understand all the British and Irish PBS shows we routinely watch. We can't believe how much dialogue we were missing. My hearing is no longer what it used to be - most of the time the constant ringing in my ears prohibits me from hearing a lot. I like it when it tells you "birds are chirping," or there is "knocking," or the type of music that is playing in the background. You can also see the lyrics of songs if someone is performing. So, I would highly recommend closed captioning for a whole host of reasons. And we are sure our neighbors appreciate it. 

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