Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Finally! A Beautiful Day in the Capitol Hill Neighborhood!

Finally! The sun is out and it is gorgeous outside! Who could resist taking a walk on the mall and the neighborhood on a day like this? It really lifts my spirits after the last round of clouds and rain and cold. Someone once told me that in DC it goes from winter to summer quickly, with about a week of spring in between. In the Midwest, it's winter almost all year. I don't know how we stood it! The flowers were gorgeous, and everything looked so fresh! We stopped at the sculpture garden restaurant for a light brunch, then walked home via Pennsylvania Avenue and the Capitol. The huge school crowds are still around, and with congress back in session our neighborhood is very busy. I rather prefer when they are out of town - it's just more peaceful. Getting closer to home, the rowhouse gardens are beginning to flourish and show their stuff. But I like our tiny patio garden the most. My husband just put the solar bird bath out, and our feathered friends just couldn't wait to get at it. I finally captured a cardinal not only picking up stuff for a nest, but stopping by for a sip at the fountain. There's no better time of year? Not having to work makes it all the more sweeter! 

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