Sunday, April 10, 2016

AT&T IPhone Update

I don't even remember what number iPhones we have. I just know that between my husband and I, he has two, and I have three. Three of them are no longer used as phones, but as photo storage. One of them has a very worn sticker of a Viking ship on it from a trip we took in Copenhagen about five years ago. They still work for things, and are connected to wifi. My husband usually uses them to play solitaire. I have the latest iPhone 6S Plus, and love it because it serves as a mini computer for all my art and social media needs when I am not using my iPad. When I upgraded to this phone last November, my 5S was put to bed, and my husband kept plugging away with his 4. I mentioned he may want to swap out his SIM card and use my phone, because it was a newer version, but he didn't want to - until this week. For whatever reason, the reception on his phone was getting really bad. Since I don't know enough about SIM cards and swapping them, we decided to go to the AT&T store and get some help. Lucky we did because the SIM card in my phone doesn't fit in his as it is a different model - or so we were told. After a couple tries, it was successfully updated and my husband has a "new" iPhone. Now he may need a new safety bumper for it because I kept it in a little leather pocket that I used at work. He much prefers a single protective cover to this. There was no charge for the update, but I am always worried something will show up on the bill. Can I tell you about our recent Comcast Xfinity debacle? Check the other blogs for details! 

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