Saturday, April 30, 2016

Subaru Customer Service

They kept their word. When we went to the Subaru dealer a few weeks ago for a first check up on our 2016 Forester, we received a letter in the mail that a feature on the car had to be reprogrammed. That meant another visit to the shop - quite annoying! So we asked to see if they had by chance reprogrammed it the day before hoping to avoid another visit to the shop which is in Alexandria. Well, they had not. But as a good will gesture, Subaru customer service said they would pay for a tank of gas for the inconvenience of a return visit. I just needed to send them the service document and the gas receipt. So I sent them the documents via email, received a response that they were received, and a follow up notice that a check was on the way. The check arrived and was promptly deposited. All we have to say is that we are very impressed with Subaru customer service from the time we bought the car here last October. This is our third Subaru and we have never been disappointed. Thanks!

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  1. Subaru is widely known for their ability to quickly and efficiently assist their customers. They are a wonderfully run company and definitely care about the quality and reliability of their products! When talking to Subaru customer service representatives on the phone over even the most minuscule of issues they are always kind and compliant with what I need.