Monday, April 11, 2016

Otterbox IPhone Case

My husband inherited my iPhone 5S this weekend. But the case on my phone was made for work. It had a plastic aqua shell that offered no protection, but was also housed in a leather holder that held money and had a clip to attach to a belt or purse. He didn't need any of that. He needed what he had on his old iPhone 4 - one layer of good protection. So after dinner in Rockville last evening we stopped at the Best Buy that was just down the street and looked at the stock. He was agasp at the prices! After spending a few minutes looking at options, and he being totally disinterested, we decided on an Otterbox case. It even came with a glass protection layer, which I don't particularly like, but put on it anyway. So now he is all set, except I also needed to get all the apps he likes on this phone. He especially likes to listen to a particular radio station. What one thinks is an easy and simple switch turns out to always be more than that. But in the scheme of things, it's really nothing at all. 

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