Tuesday, April 12, 2016

President Obama at the Sewell-Belmont House Dedication on Our Morning Walk

We knew something was up as we headed out on our morning walk and a swarm of Capitol police were walking from the Library of Congress to some destination unknown. So we just kept following to see where they were headed. Several streets were blocked off around the Supreme Court, there was a lot of bustle and hustle all around, and the helicopter was hovering around union station. Then I remembered hearing that the Sewell Belmont house was going to be dedicated as a monument by President Obama today. So we walked back towards a familiar place we routinely pass by. All along Constitution Avenue in front of the house office buildings was a line of spectators. We decided to stay on the other side of the street across from the house on the corner. A tent was set up at the entrance because it was a rather dreary and cloudy day. Then the motorcade came, the president waved, and entered the building with a cup of coffee in his hand. Unfortunately the Capitol police were standing right in front of us, and all the cars were blocking a clear view. I'm not sure who else was with him, but it was an interesting sight to see on a Tuesday morning walk. That never happened in Wisconisn. 

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