Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Eastern Market Last Minute Items

Whenever we have guests, my husband especially wants everything to be just perfect. He is more of the food and housekeeping priority setter, while I am more the floral arrangement and activity planner. So yesterday we made last minute grocery and flower selections. Unfortunately, there were no strawberries at the grocery store, which would make the fruit tray unbearable. So on this very rainy morning we took our daily walk to Eastern Market to pick up the fruit, and also the petit b'asque cheese we love. The prices are ridiculous, but given the situation, we didn't have much of a choice. And of course, we brought our own non disposable go to bag to carry the items back home. So now we have finally done all the housekeeping and planned an itinerary for our guests from Milwaukee to select from. It's nice to have out of town guests. It's an incentive to clean everything more than usual.  But it's also so nice to see our friends that we've known for so many years. I hope we have at least one day without rain? 

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