Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Daniel K Inouye Lecture at the Library of Congress With Alan Simpson and Norman Mineta

I've been in the Coolidge Auditorium many times over the almost ten years I worked at the Library of Congress. But last evening was the first time I was in the Jefferson Bulding as a retiree. During the lest week of work I made sure I was on the mailing list for library programs. It's always interesting to visit the place, see some folks, hear a lecture of some sort - and all within two blocks of our house. The Daniel Inouye lecture was scheduled with Alan Simpson and Norman Mineta - moderated by Ann Compton. Not knowing how busy it would be, we arrived quite early and waited in line next to the Marvin Hamlisch Grammys that were showcased in the hallway of this beautiful building. My husband enjoys the opportunity to see and hear the goings on around town. I like the idea to go there, get bored when I'm there, and then write about it the next day. Regardless, it was a beautiful day for the short walk, and mildly entertaining given the subject matter of protecting national security and civil liberties. The event was being live streamed to Hawaii, and recorded for posterity - because that is what the library does. This afternoon is the confirmation hearing for the new Librarian. We probably would have gone just for the fun of it, but unfortunately we have an appointment. There is usually something to see and do around here, which is the reason we like the neighborhood. 

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