Saturday, April 2, 2016

Squirrels on the National Mall

We had hundreds of squirrels in our Milwaukee backyard and everywhere else. They loved the bird feeders and fountains, and would perform acrobatic maneuvers to get at some seed. They were more pesty than anything else. Since we moved to Washington, they seem more interesting. Maybe because it's the background, or the interest many tourists take in trying to get their photo. I'm sure they are not abundant in many countries like they are here, so it is quite entertaining to watch the furry critters. So I get caught up in trying to get as close as possible for photos and movies. The funny thing is, is that they seem to pose for the pictures. I know it sounds odd, but they do! It doesn't matter what the season, or place. They sense you coming and strike a pose. If they're lucky, someone might give them a hand out. We never do, but that doesn't seem to stop their enthusiasm. The last time I got so close to one my husband said he looked like he was going to attack a la Chevy Chase Christmas Vacation. Now that would have been a photo! 

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