Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Subaru Recall, Phone Sync, Gas Refill and Customer Service

We just went to the Subaru dealer for the first 6,000 mile check up when the next day we received a "recall" notice to reprogram the system - something about the check engine light going on and it shouldn't. I contacted the Subaru repair shop to find out if they had miraculously done the required work in hopes of avoiding another drive, wait, and waste of time for this repair. Of course not! But they sent an email to have the work done and then send the documentation as well as the receipt for a tank of gas which they would reimburse us for the inconvenience. So yesterday we went back to the dealer for the work, and also requested them to sync our phones back because we weren't able to get that done. I did it before, but it was stubbornly refusing to recognize our phones. Perhap it had something to do with the reprogramming, or the fact I switched out my husband's older phone for my less older phone. When I got home I sent the required documents to the Subaru dealer as instructed. Now let's see what happens! 

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