Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Updating Comcast Xfinity Equipment is NOT a Good Idea

For more reasons than I care to get in to today, it has been a royal pain since we switched out our seven year old Comcast equipment. It's been two weeks, and the cable television upgrade has been a nightmare. Someone has been hijacking our cable box and ordering movies off it. As for the Internet? It was cutting in and out a lot, but finally stabilized. However, when I was having one of several "chats" last week, the Internet mysteriously went dead when the conversation was getting no where. Aside from all this, not realizing what changing a router does didn't hit me until I tried to print some tickets we purchased for our guests we are hoping to entertain over the next few days. I knew I needed to change the passcode on the many wireless devices we have, but forgot about the printers. The first message I received was that the printer was offline. I tried again - same thing. I tried from my iPad and my laptop. No luck. I unplugged and replugged it. No good. I tried to just copy a page, and the printer worked fine - so I knew it wasn't the equipment. After several attempts it dawned on me ... We changed the **** equipment. I tried to remember how to enter the blasted access code and couldn't. Finally I stumbled upon the network screen on the printer, located our WIFI signal, and entered to code. This printer is so old that the letters kept sticking and it took forever! So the iPad finally could print successfully! But the laptop was still stuck in error mode. So I left it alone for the night and started back at it this morning, looking at printer settings and figuring I would need to enter the blasted code there. After messing around with that for too long, it finally worked. I am not very techy and get really frustrated with this - something any ten year old can figure out.  I was planning to call about my retirement paperwork at the office of personnel management and register another complaint with Comcast, but just didn't feel like it after wasting half - no - most of the day. 

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