Friday, April 22, 2016

Planes Overhead Along the GW Parkway and Potomac River

Whenever we flew into Washington DC before we moved here, it was usually along the Potomac River by Mount Vernon and rarely along the national mall where all the familiar monuments are. And if we ever went that way, we were always on the wrong side of the plane to see anything. It is quite interesting to see things from above to get a different perspective. Yesterday we were traveling along the GW Parkway to American Plant to buy a couple tomato plants. Every few minutes was another plane in the sky heading to Reagan airport along the Potomac River and the national mall. Each of the photos is thirteen different planes that I happened to see on the way out by the Washington monument through Arlington, and on the way back by Georgetown, the other side of Arlington, and the Watergate. I'm always looking up anyway to see if I can catch an eagle flying around. No luck! I suppose a lot of folks like to visit DC. We did quite frequently before we moved here. The only thing in common with Milwaukee is that the airport there was the same distance from our house as it is here. But the scenery in between is quite different. 

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