Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Your Federal Retirement Benefits

We moved to DC almost ten years ago and when we did, I restarted my career at the Library of Congress after thirty years in health care. It was a very different experience from what I was used to in so many ways. In February I decided it was time to quit - I just didn't want to work anymore and be on someone else's schedule. We planned for this day to make it possible, and I worked part time for the last two years so the idea became even more appealing. But since that day, it hadn't felt real because all the paperwork was in limbo - until this week. I received my official booklet with all the details and phone numbers. Luckily most of the transactions can be done on line. But now it feels like it is really real! I'm supposed to get my first pension check next month. One of the biggest, and frankly unplanned benefits, is healthcare coverage. If nothing else, working the last ten years in the federal government was worth it just for that. You don't get any special healthcare deal in the private sector even after working in healthcare most of my working years. Even with insurance any medical visit or emergency is expensive. So in the end, it was a good move for a lot of reasons. And getting the official booklet was a great reminder. 

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