Sunday, April 17, 2016

Shake Shack Hot Date at Union Station - It's Not Kopps!

When we lived in Milwaukee, Kopps was one of our favorite places for burgers. We would load up the car with Tatiana borzoi, and share a French fry with her for being so good. Here in DC, we don't need to drive to these kinds of places, and unfortunately don't have our pooch anymore. So last evening we walked down to Union station and stopped at the Shake Shack for a Saturday evening hot date. We got there at the height of dinner time, and the line was way out the door. The place was packed with everything touristy, including the duck boats and double decker tour buses. The lines were long waiting for cabs and uber alike. Since we never went to Shake Shack before, our expectations were high. One of the biggest differences from other burger joints is that they sell wine and beer. We grabbed a table on the first level, but there is also a second level that's fun to observe the crowds on the floor below. The food was "ok," but nothing like Kopps. The Shake was more vanilla than strawberry. Would we go back? Not so sure. Would we walk back to Union Station? Definitely! Could I get my husband to get on one of those touristy busses for fun? Absolutely not! 

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