Saturday, April 16, 2016

Gorilla Glue - Wonderful!

A lot of things have been breaking lately. Not enough to go out and replace them, but small enough to want to fix them. So for instances like these, we always use gorilla glue. I don't know what it is made out of. All I know is that it works. But be careful how much you put on because it expands to a much bigger space. Sometimes it doesn't matter, but other times it may look pretty bad even though it does the job. We just used it to close the gap on the top tip of my ten plus year old walking shoes so the rain doesn't get in any more and my feet stay dry again. The shed on the patio has a cover piece that the nails wouldn't hold so we zapped the space with a few dabs and are waiting for it to dry. The swiffer stick somehow broke and the glue did the job. And the bathroom tilt out shelf under the sink wouldn't stay put anymore, so it got a dab of the really sticky stuff. All that and we still have half a bottle left! It is amazing how well this stuff works on just about any surface. Wonder what we did before? Probably threw everything away without even thinking about it. No more! 

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