Monday, April 25, 2016

Reagan's 1962 Willy's Jeep on the Mall

Last weekend it was President Taft's 1909 Steam Car, and this weekend it was President Reagan's Jeep. Cars at the Capital celebrates the historic vehicle association's love affair with the automobile. One unexpectedly comes upon the vehicle in the glass box in the middle of the national mall in front of the national gallery of art on one side and the Smithsonian and air and space museums on the other. Apparently this vehicle was driven regularly by Reagan while at the ranch in California. It is said he rode his horse in the morning and drove the jeep in the afternoon. I'm not sure when these vehicle displays started, but have only noticed them in the last two weeks. I wonder if someone stands guard over them when the sun goes down? I'm sure getting them here and hauling them back is no small affair. This is another reason we like living around this neighborhood. You never know what you are going to run in to next. A bit more exciting than living in a suburban Midwest neighborhood. 

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