Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Walk to Nationals Stadium

By the looks of it, there appeared to be more Atlanta Brave fans walking over to the Nationals Stadium for the baseball game this afternoon. The dark colored caps outweighed the bright red ones. Generally there are hordes of people trekking their way over from our much so that we avoid moving the car during peak season. The stadium is only a few blocks away. Oftentimes we see our grandson and daughter in law, neighbors, and a host of others parading past the house. That is one of the reasons we like this location because there is always something in our view. Our house in Milwaukee was also located in such a way as to easily watch the passers by. But our house in Florida was on a very busy street. Not only was there pedestrian and automobile traffic, it was a good excuse my parents used not to have a dog for fear it would run out in to the street. But as a teenager learning to drive it was quite daunting. If you could successfully figure out how to back out of our driveway on that street, you could do it just about anywhere. We know people who make a fortune renting out an extra parking space if they have a driveway. Unfortunately for us, we don't have one anymore. But we can still enjoy the traffic that does pass by, and walk over ourselves if the mood strikes us.

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