Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Tiny Fish Tale Israel

Back in November, one of my children's books - The Four Promises- was published through StoryChimes as an application in the Apple store, and then later as an Android App. Then in March of this year, my second book called A Tiny Fish Tale, was published the same way through StoryChimes. One is able to track the progress and daily ranks of the books on the App Annie website. I don't check the website that often, but yesterday I was nosing around to see if anything showed up. To my delight A Tiny Fish Tale was ranked in the Israel Apple Store. Sometimes it coincides with when iPads are launched in various countries. Regardless, it is nice to know that two little books I wrote are available in the App Store, and that someone has enough interest to see what they are all about. I'm not sure if it matters that this whole thing happened because we moved to DC from Milwaukee. But the stories were inspired by events that happened while living in DC. I've got a few more stories in the queue, and hope they have the same outcome.

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