Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Little Free Library

Photos on next blog entry!

All around our old neighborhood in South Milwaukee are quaint little miniature houses filled with both adult and children's books that sit in front of homes. The little replicas come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The reason they exist is that someone in Minnesota created the idea as a tribute to his mother, who may have been a librarian or teacher but for sure had a love for books and reading. The background story is on the website called The Little Free Library. You can buy a kit and set one up for yourself. The idea is to borrow and add to the  collections as you pass by. It's an innovative way to access printed material- especially if internet or other automated methods are not readily accessible- or dispose of a collection that is no longer needed. It is very charming and I can see how well it might work in this neighborhood. Wonder how well it would do in a DC neighborhood?  Someone should give it a try before ebooks take over completely.

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