Saturday, July 21, 2012

East Potomac Park Fishing

Every once in awhile we take a side trip through East Potomac Park on our way home from Alexandria. Today was particularly dreary and more noticeably so because it's been so hot and sunny these past several weeks. But the weather never seems to derail a diehard fisherman. This was obvious as we came upon many of them all along the way around Hains Point. There they were with their fishing rods and chairs and patience. Some needed to be covered with rain gear or tent. While others simply braved the elements. The only fishing I ever did was with a bamboo pole and bread balls at the pond in Florida. One time I went deep sea fishing and caught what had to be a baby shark. A friend of ours in Milwaukee can't live without it, and has a cabin and fishing boat "up North." On one side of Potomac Park is the Anacostia Branch, with the fish stores, Fort McNair, and the Titanic Statue in the distance. On the other side is Reagan Airport, the metro and Amtrak tracks along the Potomac. Ironically, it does seem peaceful, even in the mist.

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