Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Mall from the Plane

Having just returned from a trip to Milwaukee, where we lived for thirty years before moving to DC, the view from the plane can be memorable depending on the flight pattern, and obviously from where you are seated. I remember long ago we could easily see either Mount Vernon coming up the Potomac River, or the Mall and all the monuments landing from the other main flight path. When sitting on the Capitol steps, or driving along the George Washington Parkway, one can see a continuous run of airplanes as they head towards Reagan National Airport. Because of the location of the airport, some of the landings and touchdowns are enough to make you never want to get in to an aircraft of any kind again. It seems lately though that no matter what way we are landing or taking off, we seem to be on the opposite side of the action and scenery down below. Luckily for us, we have seen it all before. The nicest part of where we live is that the airport is about the same distance from our house as it was in Milwaukee. But the view in between is so very different.

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