Thursday, July 12, 2012

Pick A Cane

While on vacation visiting our friends in Milwaukee last week I
managed to either really sprain or break the second toe on my right
foot. It is now purple and sore after five days of keeping it
elevated, taking aspirin, and switching from ice on the first day to
heat thereafter. My friend here noticed the malady and brought in to
work not only one but four canes to assist me to hobble along. The
walking sticks are all somehow connected to her elder relations from
days gone by and could be considered collectors' items. All I know is
whatever event arises, this friend has a solution for it - be it a
fish bowl for a Betta pet or water colors to paint a castle. That
advantage has come in handy many times and again reminds me of how
blessed we are to have such great friends both here and in Milwaukee.
My one regret is that this toe incident happened while on vacation
rather than during the work week. Either way it is a pain. I don't
really need the cane to walk but I'm sure I can come up with an
alternate way to use it.

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