Wednesday, July 18, 2012

For Sale - Sold on Capitol Hill

As a matter of habit both here and in Milwaukee, I have always kept up with the real estate that comes on the market. Within the last couple of months, for sale signs have gone up and quickly been removed on several large townhomes in our neighborhood. I always check with Zillow, and track the status of the most interesting properties. On Sunday, the realtor placed a sign out front of our condo building when the apartment right next to ours had an open house. I noticed, and heard, several folks coming and going. In fact, Saturday evening and after the open house hours on Sunday, more people came through on appointment. It appears as though the unit sold just as fast, and is contingent on an inspection. Another small studio down the other end of the hall is also pending. It's nice to know that there is such a quick turnaround. Let's hope it keeps up if and when we ever need to sell our unit. In the meantime, I'm hoping our new neighbors are like the ones we had in Milwaukee. But that will be very hard to come by.

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