Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Accidental Tourist

We are in Milwaukee to visit friends and attend a wedding. Even though
we lived here thirty years, it is now an unfamiliar environment so I
try to make sure we avoid unsafe situations. I moved the footstool
away from the chair in our bedroom so neither one of us would trip on
it if we were wandering around at night. Although i didn't want to, I
brought along heels to match the dress I'm wearing to the actual
wedding. I guess I won't be needing them after all. I think I broke
the second toe on my right foot last night returning from the
bathroom. I've done it enough to know how it feels. And this morning
it swelled up and is starting to turn blue. I'm just happy I have open
toe sandals and we are staying with our neighbors who supplied me with
an ice pack and tape. In DC it took awhile to get used to moving about
our small apartment without bumping in to things. My mother always
told me not to walk around barefoot. It could have been a lot worse,
but it is nevertheless very aggravating- and hurts . And this is
supposed to be a vacation.

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