Monday, July 2, 2012

Hill Rag Wall Art

As we were leaving Tortilla Coast on Saturday, I checked the Hill Rag box on the corner for the July issue. I was surprised to see that it was there. We always like the Hill Rag for the cover art and the news of the neighborhood. It is the only published "magazine" we pick up. We like to read about what's happening- from the real estate exchanges to the new restaurants. But I especially like the cover art because we hang each issue in our TV room. I am hoping that one of these days my digital art Capitol Hill will grace the cover. Back in March, I received notice from the editor that the art was "appropriate" and it was forwarded to the publisher. But I am sure I am behind another 1,000 others hoping for the same outcome. In the meantime, I'll just hang this issue up in our family room to enjoy. I like the cover this month because it is about dogs. Maybe I should put a featured ad in the Hill Rag about my website LIT Digital Art and Such at I love creating digital art of just about anything, but dogs are a treat to do. Anyone out there want to give it a try? Check out the Brown Dog post and let me know!

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