Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Capitol Hill Dental Group

I finally got around to making an appointment for a routine six month dental check. Based on our experience, it is better to be safer than sorry, so we make every effort to try to make these dates. The nicest thing about going to the dentist here is that the office is located about one block away on First Street - the same path I take to walk to work. In Milwaukee, it was a long ride, a one dentist operation, and took forever to have work done. Three hour sessions were not unusual. Here, right before Bullfeathers, you turn off towards the alley behind the homes and businesses, and take the stairs to the second floor. It's a nice little office with a father-daughter partnership, 4 dentists all together, and it has served us well since we moved. I fell on my face a while ago and thought I broke my front tooth as I landed on the very uneven red brick sidewalk right outside our house. They have state of the art equipment, and the dentists and staff are really great. I had jaw surgery over twenty five years ago so going to the dentist is taxing. They make it nice and easy...even had a crown done in one session. Today I got out with a clean slate. Let's keep it that way.

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