Monday, July 9, 2012

From Milwaukee to DC

After spending a long weekend in Milwaukee to visit friends and attend
a wedding, we are waiting at Mitchell international Airport to return
home to DC. We moved from Milwaukee to DC a few years ago. I'm sure
whenever someone goes back to a place they lived for awhile- in this
case 30 years- it brings back a lot of memories. For the most part
they are generally positive. I personally do not miss the winter, but
do miss the two car garage and the conveniences of living in the
suburbs. But there is something about living in the Capitol City even
if the car gets parked on the street. Both are completely different
places and for as long as we can we will try to remind ourselves of
those differences. Nothing takes the place of good friends and family.
The best part is that we have them in both places. Now I just need to
figure out how I can quit work and retire so I can enjoy our friends
and family on a more frequent basis.

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