Thursday, July 5, 2012

On the Mall July 4 Fireworks, Cannons & Concert

We decided to brave the heat and walk over to the Mall last evening to watch the fireworks. All along the way there, the neighbors were staking out places to watch from those areas only they would know about. The House Building parking lot was quite full and the balconies were too. Rather than watch the concert in front of the Capitol, we walked in between that and ventured towards the pool in front of the Capitol where the cannons were set up to blast during the 1812 Overture. In spite of the heat and humidity, the threat of storms never materialized, and the crowd was able to enjoy the festivities after such a dreary week of weather damage and power outages for many. For a short time everyone could forget about it. It doesn't feel so bad to be hot watching fireworks, but we were lucky to get back inside in air conditioning. Some folks don't have that luxury yet.
The concert was playing & the police were everywhere

All of these characters must have been hot

And the show begins

The Marines in full dress man the cannons

It's been a long day

Walking back home along Independence Avenue

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