Thursday, July 19, 2012

Dr. Mahdi Aminrazavi and Omar Khayyam

Today was one of those days that my husband joined my friend and colleague for a lecture at the African Middle Eastern Division in the Jefferson Building. And for once, I really liked and enjoyed it. We sat in the front row, heard every word, and the subject matter was even interesting - for me. Usually I don't always connect with the subject, but this presentation was well done. The speaker is from Mashad, one of the many cities we visited in Iran a couple years ago. What I like most about this type of event is that it gives us an opportunity to enjoy the perks of working at the Library of Congress. After the questions and answers ended, we walked back through the tunnels that connect the Jefferson Building to the Madison Building and have lunch on the sixth floor. The view from there overlooks our neighborhood and you can see our house. What I miss on these days is the walk home, and lunch at home, and a quick cat nap. But every once in awhile, this is a treat. And something like this never happened in any of my previous work places.

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