Tuesday, July 3, 2012

It's Freezing in Here!

I know it is a horrible thing to say when so many people are without power and air conditioning, but it is absolutely freezing in my workplace. It does not matter what the time of the day is or the season. For that reason, I keep a shawl on hand, and use it just about every day. Some people in the office actually have blankets. And of course, we have no control over the thermostat. Calling in the facilities folks doesn't make any difference either. What I find most interesting is that people who like windows and warm places are usually stuck in the dark freezing places. Having grown up in Florida, I knew to always bring a sweater with me because the air conditioning always seemed to be on overdrive. But this is ridiculous. To make matters worse, our condo building - that was built in 1890's - has an all for one and one for all centralized air conditioning/heating system. There is an illusion that there is control over the temperature in each unit, but the systems shut down on a schedule that is not yours to call. These are the types of things we need to keep in mind if and when we ever move again. CONTROL over climate adjustments is a high priority. It makes a difference when you're getting "older"- especially when we had all year round programmable thermostats in Wisconsin - and know better.
It hardly matters what I wear to work

My hand is freezing!

Looks like a mummy - give me some heat please!

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