Monday, July 23, 2012

Longworth House Office Building Post Office

It is a rare event for us to have to mail anything these days. We try
to avoid it at all costs. Usually my husband will walk down
Pennsylvania Avenue to the Post Office, or go just around the corner
to FedEx. This time I thought it might just be easier to use the
services in the Longworth House Office Building. I was introduced to
it via my colleague here at the Library. The interesting thing about
it is that one reaches the destination through the basement, then the
tunnels that connect the buildings on Capitol Hill. The Longworth
Building is reached by first traversing the Cannon Office Building.
Along the way are cobblers, snack shops, the old entrance to the
Capitol Visitor Center, and a lot of Congressional staff. Every once
in a while I see familiar faces from Wisconsin, like Paul Ryan or Gwen
Moore It is very convenient and the errand fit right in to my
afternoon walk. Not a bad thing at all- even if it is a Monday.


  1. Just came across your post while researching the congressional tunnels. Any chance you know how congressmen get from Longworth to the Capitol? Do they walk aboveground or into one of the other buildings that has a direct tunnel? Unless the weather is terrible, is that too much of a waste of time? Thanks!

  2. All of the above are options. There are tunnels everywhere. But when the weather is nice, folks like to go above ground. Thanks for noticing the post.