Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Pho Junkies, Wassub, and DC Ballers

The choices for lunch continue to change. The food trucks make the rounds, most frequently on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Monday and Friday it seems are less busy days in general, especially if it has anything to do with congressional staff. In all fairness, many folks have nine and ten hour work days, and select Monday and Friday as the day off. Regardless, today two trucks were sitting back to back across from Tortilla Coast. Pho Junkies, noodle dishes and spring tolls, and a new one called Wassub. Wassub is Asian fusion, Korean BBQ, with ribeye, chicken and steak specialties. DC Ballers, which was here earlier in the week, serves falafel and fries with different dipping sauces and a hummus sandwich. I think the hands down winner is Tasty Kabob. It seems to be around the most. I'm just glad that I have the option to walk home for lunch. It breaks up the day, and has the best food in town. But, for the poor souls who need to find a variety, at least there are some options. I can't put a price on my lunch time schedule. Walking to work, and home for lunch, is priceless!

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