Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Walk At Your Own Risk

The sidewalks in the neighborhood are quite uneven, although I do need to say there has been a serious upgrade all around since we moved, and in particular, this year. I always wear comfy shoes to and from work, and carry the office shoes with me. I also have a few pair stored away to match whatever I happen to be wearing that day. And a one inch heel is the max. I wasn't quick enough with my phone to catch a really short skirt that was blowing in the wind and really high platform heels on an attractive young girl on my way back to work from lunch. But when I was coming home after work, I was captivated by the grace and sheer height of the fashionable foot gear on an equally attractive young lady on her way out. I do remember wearing platform shoes in the 70's in college. I don't recall having a problem with them. I suppose it is just a sign of getting older, and maybe wiser (?) to steer clear of these potential leg breakers. I fell on my face once already without the benefit of fashion. And many others have suffered similar consequences that required surgical intervention. I can't help but be amazed, but can understand it simply must be age related. I think I'm past the trying to impress stage of my life, and kinda like it.

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