Friday, July 6, 2012

Back in the Midwest

We are back in Milwaukee to visit good friends and attend a wedding.
What strikes us immediately is the contrast in our previous lifestyle
to our current way of life in DC. I can honestly say I miss the two
car attached garage that was traded in for street parking; the shed in
the one acre back yard is bigger than our entire apartment; our big
borzoi; and the little kids selling lemonade down the street had a
visit from the local police- but rather than shut the stand down, he
got out of the patrol car and bought a lemonade. We had coffee this
morning with the dearest group of colleagues and friends you'd ever
want to meet. And our next door neighbor hosts are as ever so kind and
gracious. I do miss this part of living in Milwaukee. But can't stand
the winter. It's nice to know we can visit and still feel at home. My
husband prefers the urban environment to the suburban vibe any time.
But our friends are true treasures and not easily found in the
nation's Capitol.

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  1. I was born, raised, educated, and lived in Wisconsin (mostly Madison) for the first 28 years and moved to DC. Lived on Cap Hill for 13 years and then to NW. Yes, midwest friends and wonderful (and almost all public sector and service workers are MUCH nicer). But rest assured you will find your groove and a wonderful niche of friends in The Most Important City in the World. Patience -- another midwest virtue.