Friday, July 20, 2012

Self Storage Options Abound

We took a drive to Waldorf, Maryland this afternoon. I can count on my hand the number if times we've been this way. For some reason, we tend to hang around Northern Virginia. Along the route was the road to Mary Suratt's Boarding House and a sign to Dr. Mudd's place. There is even a road named Surratt. What I was struck by most though were all the self storage facilities that dotted the path. They started in our neighborhood with a huge U Haul building that sits right across from the Nationals Stadium and thereafter at regular intervals all along the way. When we moved here from Wisconsin, we literally left everything behind because nothing we had would fit in to 500 square feet of living space. And we did not want to deal with having storage space that would need to be maintained and rented out. We figured if we would not be using it, we should just leave it behind. Apparently not a lot of folks think the way we do.


  1. I have been online looking at commercial storage and self storage all morning for my business. That's how I came across your blog, I'm happy I did because this was a very entertaining post. That's definitely a lot of storage facilities in one area, thank you for sharing this with us.

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