Saturday, November 12, 2011


I wanted to take this photo earlier today, but the clock was 12 hours behind- so I needed to wait until 11:11 PM on 11.11.11 this evening and wanted to post the picture before the day was done. What I noticed about the clock is that I need to change the batteries in the little accessory box that sits outside on the window sill. That little device transmits the weather signal, which causes the light in the left hand corner to change to a rainbow of colors. I like the yellow best- as it means sunny skies. And there is something about this clock that the guys like. Any male who walks in to the room is transfixed by it- including our grandson. Must be the silver/glass combination- who knows? But my husband did pick it out. Anyway, next year will be even better with a 12:12 AM or PM on 12.12.12. That's a special date for me and can only happen once in a lifetime.
It really is 11.11 on 11.11

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