Tuesday, November 15, 2011

American Girl

I always loved dolls. I had a collection of Madame Alexander foreign land dolls that was started by my mother when I was about 6 years old. I also had a Chatty Kathy, and all the Barbie stuff. But a newer phenomenon is American Girl. The company originated in Middleton, Wisconsin about 25 years ago and it is still growing strong. We visited a shop in Chicago several years ago, and a new store was just opened in Tysons, Virginia. We took a ride over last week to see what is new in the doll world. Even though it is before Thanksgiving, the place was jammed with girls of all ages- and several had their look a like doll clasped in their arms like there was no tomorrow. I really enjoy walking through these places- as I do when I'm going through an art supply place, or hardware store. Some things don't change, but the accessories and do dads do. This is a comprehensive (excessive?) enterprise- you can even make an appointment to have your doll's hair "done" at the beauty shop, or plan a birthday party or special event. There is a theme for just about anything. And you would need to have a lot of space to put all this stuff in. Grandsons have other interests, but they aren't as fun as this.
Clutching the prized possession

The displays are really pretty

Order one up to look just like you- skin tone, hair type, eye color, etc

Historical figures, and books, and.....

Soft bodied baby dolls for the younger tykes

Getting your hair done? The place is mobbed!

A couple of guys in the mix

Fairy tales and holidays

You can see the excitement on their faces

Just for fun

Glasses and all

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