Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Up On The Roof

The building across the street took about five years to get renovated- by historical Capitol Hill standards. Since they re-opened, there have been many events held there during and after work. I have noticed signs for a Congressional staff person event placed on the sidewalk to direct folks to the correct entryway. Oftentimes, there are small tables and chairs set up right outside. But a unique feature about the place is the roof top area- that is also used for special events. The only way we know is that when the umbrellas are raised, and we can see some activity there. The view must be spectacular, as it is at least four stories high, and most of the buildings in the neighborhood are three stories. The Capitol Building and the Washington Monument are definite hot spots from there. Now as the weather is changing, the rooftop soirees are on the decline. But there are always space heaters- and people around here don't seem to notice the temperature.
A great view from the rooftop

Wonder what's happening up there?

It's getting too cold- but they won't notice

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